Workshops (co-)organized by MiWaveS

European Conf. on Networks and Communications (23-26 June 2014, Bologna, Italy): "Enablers on the road to 5G" (co-organized
with METIS, COMBO, 5GNOW and iJOIN projects).

IEEE Globecom Conf. (8-12 Dec. 2014, Austin, Tx): "Broadband wireless access workshop" (co-organized with TROPIC, iJOIN and
MCN projects).

IEEE VTC-Spring (11 May 2015, Glasgow): “Emerging MIMO Technologies and Millimeter-waves for 5G Networks” (co-organized with
MiWEBA and HARP projects); program.

European Conf. on Networks and Communications (29 June-2 July 2015, Paris, France): "5G scenarios and use cases: how new
millimeter-wave technologies can lead to an immersive user experience".

European Microwave Week (7 Sept. 2015, Paris): “Millimeter-wave technologies for 5G mobile networks” ; program.

IEEE WCNC 2016 (3 April 2016, Doha, Qatar): “Millimeter Wave-Based Integrated Mobile Communications for 5G Networks” (co-
organized with mmMAGIC project); more information.

European Conf. on Antennas and Propagation (Davos, Switzerland):
- convened session “Millimeter wave antenna systems for future broadband communication networks”.
- workshop "Key enabling technologies on antenna and channel models for an effective mmWave 5G deployment"

European Conf. on Networks and Communications (27-30 June 2016, Athens, Greece): special session "Millimeter-wave as a key
enabling technology for 5G: status of the pre-development activities and way forward" (jointly organized with mmMAGIC, Tweether and
MIWEBA projects).

European Microwave Week (7 Oct. 2016, London): “Millimeter-wave technologies for 5G mobile networks and short-range
communications” ; program.

European Conf. on Networks and Communications (12-15 June 2017, Oulu, Finland): workshop "Prototyping 5th Generation
Cellular Wireless Technology" (jointly organized with 5GChampion, 5G-MiEdge and Flex5Gware EU projects).

Beyond 2020 Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with Millimeter-Wave Small Cell Access and Backhauling
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