The Industrial Advisory Board is composed of eight high-level experts coming from world-leading companies of the  
telecom and semiconductor sectors and from standardization and regulation organizations.

The Industrial Advisory Board is expected to provide feedback and guidance on the overall direction of the project,  
comments on the project's results and discuss the issues. It shall also contribute to the public visibility of MiWaveS  
and to the recognition of the relevance and quality of its outcomes.

Dr Evangelia Georgiadou (OTE), Telecommunication Engineer
Dr Guillaume Vivier (SEQUANS), Director Advanced Technology
Dr Ralf Irmer (Vodafone), Senior Manager Wireless Access Innovation
Dr. Maziar Nekovee (Samsung electronics UK), Chief Engineer 5G
Dr. Mythri Hunukumbure (Samsung electronics UK), Principal Researcher
Dr. Hermann Brand (ETSI), Director of Innovation
Dr. Emmanuel Faussurier (ANFR), Expert in Frequency Management
Dr. Federico Boccardi (OFCOM), Expert Spectrum Technology

Beyond 2020 Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with Millimeter-Wave Small Cell Access and Backhauling
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